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High School Student


Welcome to the vibrant world of performing arts at Oak Park River Forest High School, proudly supported by Applause! Our commitment to nurturing artistic talents knows no bounds, and our ensembles embody the heart and soul of our mission. Here, you'll discover the diverse and thriving performing arts programs that we passionately support:


Our theater program is a stage where creativity flourishes. From classic plays to modern dramas and musicals, our talented students captivate audiences with their compelling performances.

  • Curricular

  • Co-curriclar

Drama Students


The melodious notes of our band ensemble fill the air with harmonious tunes. Whether it's the stirring melodies of the concert band or the infectious rhythms of the jazz band, our musicians showcase their skills with each captivating performance.

  • Concert Band

  • Symphonic Band

  • Wind Ensemble

  • Wind Symphony

Image by Katrina Berban


The voices of our choir ensemble resonate with emotion and harmony. From choral classics to contemporary compositions, our singers lift spirits and create memorable musical experiences.

  • Treble Choir

  • Chorale

  • A Cappella Choir

Choir Performance


The orchestra ensemble takes us on a journey through classical and modern compositions. The strings, winds, and percussion instruments come together in perfect unison, creating enchanting symphonies.

  • String Orchestra

  • Concert Orchestra

  • Symphony Orchestra

Image by Milk-Tea
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