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Understanding Student Accounts

At Applause, we've designed Student Accounts to empower OPRFHS performing arts students and their families. Here's how they work:

Earning Funds:

Participating in APPLAUSE! fundraisers automatically adds money to your Performing Arts Individual Student Account.

Using Earned Funds:

The earned funds in your student's account can be used for a wide range of performing arts expenses, such as:

  • Private voice, instrument, or dance lessons

  • Enrolling in performing arts camps

  • Covering costs associated with OPRF performing arts trips

  • Purchasing equipment necessary for your student's performing arts activities, such as a new instrument or tap shoes.

The Reimbursement Process:

Getting reimbursed is a breeze. Simply complete the Student Account Withdrawal Request, attach a copy of your paid receipt, and submit it to our dedicated bookkeeper (you can find her contact information on the form). If you're curious about your account balance, the bookkeeper can provide that information as well. You can request reimbursement for expenses incurred during any point in your student's time at OPRF.

Unused Funds:

What happens to remaining funds when your student graduates? You have options:

  • You can use them for eligible expenses using the reimbursement process.

  • Transfer them to a younger student's account to continue supporting the arts.

  • Or, generously donate them back to APPLAUSE! by mid-June of the graduation year.

Student Accounts are a valuable resource to support your student's artistic journey. At Applause, we're here to make the arts accessible and enriching for everyone.

Empower. Inspire. Applaud.

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