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Citrus Sale Information
Spring Flower Sale Packet

How do Student Accounts work?

Any OPRFHS performing arts students automatically earn money for their Performing Arts Individual Student Account when they participates in any of these APPLAUSE! fundraisers:

  • Fall Bulb Sale

  • Winter Citrus Sale

  • Spring Flower Sale



How can my student use the money earned?

The student’s family can withdraw money from the account to be reimbursed for a wide variety of performing arts expenses, including things like:

  • private voice/instrument/dance lessons

  • performing arts camps

  • costs associated with OPRF performing arts trips

  • or equipment related to the student’s performing arts activities, like a new instrument or tap shoes


The reimbursement process is easy. Fill out the Student Account Withdrawal Request, attach a copy of the paid receipt, and submit to our bookkeeper (her contact information is on the form). Our bookkeeper can also tell you how much money is in your student’s account. Receipts can be for expenses from any time in the student’s OPRF years. 

What happens to unused funds?

Any funds remaining in a student’s account at graduation may be spent using the process above, transferred to a younger student’s account, or donated back to APPLAUSE! by mid-June of the graduation year.

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